10+ Extraordinary Makeup Transformations That Prove Everyone’s Beautiful!

We change each day on a gradual basis. The ones who stroll into beautician Konstantin Bogomolov’s studio, be that as it may, experience such fast makeovers, it’s difficult to accept they’re the same individuals who strolled in. These before and after photographs have been captured by Konstantin and his understudies.

Together, they welcome a wide range of individuals to turn into their models and acknowledge everybody from understudies to seniors. They create separate and unique attire for the specific individual they’re working with, and the outcomes are out and out stunning.

1. Lidia, 43

2. Lyudmila And Tamara, 65, Twin Sisters,

3. Svitlana, 37,

4. Mairita, 36

5. Nikolay, 31

6. Jolanta, 39

7. Brigita, 36

8. Alina, 48

9. Yuliya, 41

10. Ilona, 47

11. Elvira, 36

12. Natalia, 41

13. Anna, 34

14. Daria, 35

15. Irina, 42

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  1. Wow, I wouldn’t have recognized the before and afters! It’s amazing what a difference can be made!

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