10 Car Crash Survivors Proudly Pose To Raise Seat-belt Safety Awareness!

Stunning representations of the burning wounds that safety belts can leave after an accident are being praised as survival symbols of respect, and demonstrating the significance of belting up. The campaign is a part of an NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) initiative to lessen the number of passings on NZ streets.

As indicated by them, 90 individuals kick the bucket every year since they weren’t wearing their safety belt, the greater part of whom are young fellows in country regions. The confronting pictures are of 10 genuine accident survivors, whose post-crash wounds were reproduced by the SFX make-up organization PROFX:

1. Liam Bethell

2. Kahutia Foster

3. Dion Perry

4. Dan Mason

5. Rick Haira

6. Dylan Chirnside

7. Willy Carberry

8. James Mcdonald

9.Will Giles

10. James Liberona-Feek

Here are some of their emotional videos discussing the importance of seatbelt safety:

Naturally, netizens chimed in with positive initiative and shared their own thoughts about the same:

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