‘The Radical Beauty Project’ Is Changing The Way We See People With Down’s Syndrome!

With regards to Down syndrome, a great many people are prejudiced to the point that they can’t see the actual talent and unique traits these beautiful souls accompany, and that needed to be changed!

Along similar train of thought, Zebedee Management worked together with the #RadicalBeautyProject on their first since forever group shoot for #WDSD. Every one of the models highlighted has #DownSyndrome, and look each inch the #Supermodels they are.

Let these inspirational personalities shine some light on you:

1. Ellie

2. Nino

3. Kate

4. Sara

5. Jack

6. Callum

7. Adam

8. Kathleen

9. Harry

10. Isabella

11. Gabriel

12. Cora

13. Chloe

14. Ben

15. Holly

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