Talented Artist Turns Popular Sodas Into Cartoon Characters!

CocaCola, Sprite, Fanta, we know our most-loved soft drinks perfectly by their taste, however, what might they resemble in the event that they were somewhat more… human? Perhaps we’d like to run get a beverage with them? Perhaps they’d be so offensive, we couldn’t avoid slapping them?

Fortunately, we don’t need to wonder any longer. Korea-born Canadian craftsman who passes by the nickname Sillvi has unbelievably transformed some of the most well known soft drinks into characters, and they’re so unique, they could in all respects effectively have their own shows.

See for yourself:

1. Coca Cola

2. Arizona green tea

3. Coke zero version 1

4. Pepsi

5. Coke zero version 2

6. Sprite version 1

7. Monster Energy

8. Fanta

9. Dr. Pepper

10. Barq’s

11. Sprite version 2

12. Sprite version 3

13. G Fuel

14. Gatorade

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