This Inspirational Mom-Daughter Duo Finished Their PhD Together From DU!

It was a blessing from heaven for 56-year-old Mala Dutta when she got her Ph.D. degree from Delhi University on Friday.

Be that as it may, what made the event essentially memorable was that her girl, Shreya Mishra likewise finished her doctorate on the same day!

Evidently, this is the first run through a mother-daughter duo has finished their doctoral program together from Delhi University.

As indicated by a report by Hindustan Times, Datta who is an Indian Economic Service officer with the Defense Ministry finished her Master’s from Delhi School of Economics in 1985.

From that point forward, she constantly wanted to do her Ph.D. Conversing with Hindustan Times, Datta stated, “I had to take a break from work in 2012 when my younger daughter had her class 12 board exams.”

She further expressed, ” That was the time when I registered for Ph.D. I then took study leave from the ministry and worked seriously on my completing the Ph.D.”

She additionally uncovered how getting a degree with her little girl was a consistent inspiration for her. “It’s an absolutely wonderful experience for me because I got to learn a lot studying with the co-students of my daughter’s age,” she stated.

She continued, “The motivation was to get a Ph.D. degree with my daughter on the convocation day.”

Her daughter Shreya enlisted for the doctorate program two years after the fact yet ensured that she finishes her Ph.D. inside three years so as to finish it with her mom and make it a cherishable moment!

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