10+ Hilariously DESI Tweets That’ll Have You ROFL!

We Indians unquestionably realize how to throw a bada** punchline. So screw all who trust we don’t have a comical inclination since we have the ultimate proof that says otherwise!

Twitter has now, for some time been the ultimate platform for profound musings and ‘shower philosophy’ for the whole globe, so by what means can we Indians remain behind?

Along the same lines, here are some hilariously DESI tweets that just Indians will identify with. This is as brown as it gets people, so brace yourselves!

1. Signs!

2. *Facepalm

3. True dat!

4. Patience level =Desi

5. Roadie bangega tu?!

6. Trolling humans since forever…

7. *Facepalm

8. Well, that escalated quickly!

9. If you don’t get this, are you even desi?

10. F*ck logic!

11. Made in India

12. Shauk badi cheez hai!

13. Right in the feels

14. Give this man a medal

15. ROFL

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