Aamir Khan Just Announced Desi ‘Forrest Gump’ Remake As ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, And Fans Are Divided!

As of late, Aamir Khan reported that he will be producing and starring in the remake of Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster Forrest Gump that featured Tom Hanks in the lead role. According to News18, the remake is likely titled Lal Singh Chaddha and will be directed by Advait Chandan.

Aamir Khan made the declaration amid a press meet on his birthday on 14th March, where he included that he will experience a physical change for the job too. While he has unquestionably given outstanding motion pictures previously, reproducing one of the Hollywood greats like Forrest Gump is no child’s play.

What’s more, Twitterati was unquestionably isolated on whether Aamir would probably pull it off:

1. The million dollar question!

2. ‘Solid dump’

3. Not a child’s play


5. Yes, Aamir! Please spare us…

6. This guy means business

7. That emoji is all of us!

8. Right in the feels

9. Let’s hope magic is all we get

10. Mr. perfectionist

11. The feeling is mutual

12. How about that?

13. Telling it like it is!

14. Give this man a medal

15. Mind = blown!

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