10+ Lyrics From ‘Gully Boy’ That Perfectly Capture Our Generation’s Fiery Passion!

Fortunately, the underground rapping scene in India is growing rapidly, and thanks to the latest blockbuster ‘Gully Boy’, the previously despised genre is making its way into our country and likewise our hearts!

Now, even though Gully Boy had already raised our hopes and expectations when the teaser and the trailer came out, however, once the movie hit the scene, everybody went nuts, especially due to the bang on lyrics! (In a good way, of course)

The 18-track collection brags of mind-boggling magnificence, with more than 50 craftsmen meeting up to make this one of a kind soundtrack. Regardless of whether it’s an unmitigated rap, a critique on society, an adoration melody, or a rousing number, the verses are basic, clear, but likewise effective.

And more than anything else, they perfectly capture our entire generations’ mindset! See for yourself:

1. ‘Asli Hip Hop’

2. ‘Doori’

3. ‘Jingostan’

4. ‘Azadi’

5. ‘Mere Gully Mein’

6. ‘Sher Aaya Sher’

7. ‘Jahaan Tu Chala’

8. ‘Kab Se Kab Tak’

9. ‘Ek Hee Raasta’

10. ‘Jeene Mein Aaye Maza’

11. ‘Har Gham Mein Khushi Hai’

12. ‘Kaam Bhaari’

13. ‘Apna Time Aayega’

14. ‘India 91’

15. ‘Train Song’

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