Women Prefer Bearded Men For Long Term Relationships Over Clean Shaved Ones, New Study Reveals!

In the event that you were intending to shave at any point in the near future, hold up! You might want to keep that glorious facial hair for a little while longer!

We know that it’s high upkeep, yet on the off chance that this new research is anything to be trusted, then the beard on your face transforms you into a better sweetheart. Or, to be more clear, makes you resemble one.

Research paper The Masculinity Paradox: Facial Masculinity and Beardedness Interact to Determine Women’s Ratings of Men’s Facial Attractiveness, distributed in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology covers a very similar topic.

As a part of the exploration, 8,520 ladies were made to ‘rate’ men-with and without facial hair as far as who they thought could continue a more extended relationship. Congrats! But no points for speculating that the ones with facial hair were obviously the most rated individuals.

Regarding attractiveness, each and every one of the women appraised hairy men higher contrasted with the clean-shaved ones. Furthermore, the length of the facial hair was likewise observed to be straightforwardly relative to their appropriateness as an accomplice for marriage.

Also, you’d best trust that these were some savage ladies since they additionally referenced that they discovered clean-shaved men more reasonable for an indulgence kinda thing. Sorry, all the guys with no beard, but you’re just a plaything!

“Male-typical facial features such as a pronounced brow ridge and a more robust jawline may signal underlying health, whereas beards may signal men’s age and masculine social dominance,” the study read.

Now, we don’t actually think any of this makes any sense, however, you can take you might wanna take your best shot at growing some facial hair in the event that you care about these things. Godspeed!

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