Ranbir Kapoor And Deepika Padukone Are The Perfect Exes, And These Photos Prove It!

When you are in a relationship, you hold your partner in the highest esteem, however, once the charm goes away and the relationship ends, things can get pretty messy!

Photos are burned, folders are cleared and curses became the only language, simply because exes can never be friends right? Nope, you’re definitely wrong!

Apparently, some people are mature enough to understand that not every relationship is meant to survive forever. And Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are the perfect examples of the same.

Even though when they were together as a couple, they gave us some major couple goals. But now as they’re separated, they still continue to motivate us but in a different way.

Along the same lines, here are 15 photos that show Ranbir and Deepika being good friends even after breaking up and all of us can learn a thing or two from them. See for yourself:

1. Coming together for a movie post-breakup

2. Walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra’s show

3. Danced together on stage for a movie promotion

4. When they were the perfect pranksters

5. Acting like BFFs while telling each other’s secrets

6. Wishing Holi together to everyone

7. When he sang a song from her film

8. She calls him her ‘bacchha’

9. Ranbir is always saying he’s proud of her!

10. Ranbir and Ranveer are good friends, and that says a lot!

11. When he piggybacked her

12. Recreating ‘Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua’ on TV

13. Some light-hearted flirting never hurt anyone

14. When Deepika said Ranbir can’t get married without her permission

15.When they confessed that they still love and admire each other

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