This Tea-Selling Couple Has Travelled Across Countries Just By Selling Chai!

Equipped with their adoration for chai and a ‘rich’ frame of mind towards life, Vijayan and his significant other, Mohana have discovered riches that can’t be estimated in material belongings.1

The couple is more than 70 years old, and have been sparing a tad of cash each and every day for as long as 50 years to satisfy their youth dream of venturing to the far corners of the planet.


Their sole wellspring of pay is from a little tea-shop in Kochi. And by collecting what they can, they have managed to make a trip to more than 23 nations. Also, that is all by selling chai!


The couple began selling chai in 1963 and they got hugely prominent among local people and outsiders alike. Their tea stall is a standout amongst the most popular chai spots in Kerala where customers pour in day and night.


In any case, one must wonder about how do they figure out how to venture to the far corners of the planet just by selling chai? Well, their big secret is that they save ₹300 each and every day and spend a small sum while voyaging.


They likewise get bank credits to give a little boost to their little and humble spending plan. They at that point spend the following few years cleaning up the debt. Vijayan has dependably been enthusiastic about voyaging. To such an extent that as a child, he used to take food grains from his home and sell it to have enough cash to visit a new place.


Till now, Vijayan and Mohana have ventured out to places like Singapore, Argentina, Peru, Switzerland, Brazil, and the rundown goes on. In the wake of going to such a significant number of nations, a somewhat humbled Vijayana says that he feels that the excursions have altered his opinion and culture.


Their moving story has showered them with tremendous acclaim and the couple is currently a sensation on the web. Moreover, their staggering story fills in as an update that no fantasy is too huge and that in the event that you have a strong mindset and an enthusiasm to accomplish it, you can get it going.


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