Boy Accidentally Kills Pet Goldfish After Snuggling It To Sleep!

Recently in a hilariously bizarre turn of events, a stunned mother clarified how her child killed his pet goldfish with thoughtfulness subsequent to removing it from its tank for a goodnight hug.

Tori Hamlin, from Georgia, told how she discovered four-year-old child Everett sleeping and cuddling his fish in the wake of keeping an eye on him while he was snoozing. As reported by DailyMail.


The kid was crushed when his mother woke him up and disclosed to him that the fish, who had different names yet was typically alluded to as ‘Nemo’, had passed away.

Everett uncovered he had got up and fished Nemo out of the tank since he ‘simply wanted to pet it’ – not understanding that the little creature would cease to exist out of the water.


Tori said, “I was shocked at first, but then when he said he just wanted to pet it I was thinking, oh my goodness, that’s so sad. I didn’t think it was funny that he killed it. He had no understanding of what he was doing. Honestly, I’m surprised he caught it. He’s got some good skills there. Maybe the fish was just so used to seeing him that he was comfortable with him next to the tank.”


She added, “He loved the goldfish. It’s always been in his bedroom. He loved looking at it. His tank had different color lights so he loved looking at the different colored light and picking out different things to put in the tank. He’s never tried to get it before it happened that night.”

Tori said that she and 29-year-old spouse Corey had put Everett to bed simply as they do each night, by reading him a sleep time story.


The pair at that point went to the family room to watch a film when they heard a commotion from his room.

She continued, “We called him in and asked him what happened, and he said it was nothing. We told him to just go lay down and make sure he goes to sleep. I got up to go [to the toilet] and I checked on him on the way past.”


“He has a little chair that sits in his corner always, and I noticed that it was right by his dresser which was by his door. I saw this light – which changes colors and usually sits on top of the lid – was in the water and the lid was nowhere to be found. I called my husband and I was like, ‘Corey, I don’t see the fish in there and I can’t find the lid, but the light is in the tank. Come in here,'” she added.


She further expressed, “Corey looked at him and was like ‘oh my gosh, he is holding the fish’. We woke him up and asked him why he was holding his fish. He said, I just wanted to pet it. So we were like, ‘buddy, you killed your fish. Fish can’t live out of water’ We explained it to him and he got upset and said, ‘I didn’t want to kill my fish’.”


She concluded, “He was fine the next morning. When we asked him about it again he said, ‘I just wanted to pet it’. I explained it to him again and he said, ‘that’s alright. We’ll have to get another fish and I won’t touch it. I’m only allowed to touch fish when I go fishing’. I said, ‘yep, that’s right'”

Tori shared the story online where it got in excess of 65,000 remarks, likes and shares, and the family were immersed with thoughtful ideas to purchase Everett another fish.


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