You Need Only 3 Things To Have A Perfect Relationship

Relationships can be very difficult if you don’t know what you want or if your partner doesn’t know what they want from the relationship itself. It could be really tiring if your expectations are very different from the expectations of your partner. Coming to the same page about the important things in life does matter a lot and is is one of the most important factors which help a relationship grow.

When we talk about a perfect relationship, one may think of things like financial position, jobs, physical attraction etc. but there are three things which matter even more. Yes, it is important that you are both financially stable and physically attracted to each other but the factors which really take you far in a relationship are the following three.

#1 Mutual respect

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Believe it or not, having respect for each other, for what our partners do and who they are is one of the strongest indicators of a strong relationship. If you do not respect your partner or they do not respect you then it doesn’t matter how amazing you look or rich you are, the relationship will fall apart. Respecting each other, on the other hand, would make sure that you both grow together.

#2 Individuality

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In a lot of relationships, one person starts dominating the other one. What one partner says or does is what the other partner accepts completely. Slowly, it becomes a one-sided relationship where the dominating partner slowly takes away the other partner’s individuality. It is very important that both the partners come together as partners and as individuals. Losing your individuality in a relationship is what makes the relationship seem like a prison.

#3 Freedom to speak freely

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Many couples are afraid to speak to their partners about what’s bothering them. They still feel that their partner would judge them or that they would not understand. What is the point of being in a relationship if you can’t even talk freely with your partner? Slowly, such relationships fail. The point is to speak freely and allowing the partner to speak freely without the fear of judgement.

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