This Woman Knows How To Tie Her Hair Like A Boss

We all love playing with our hair, don’t we? We take care of our hair, we feel confident when we have great hair days, and donning different hairstyles is what we wish we could do as we pleased. But what about having hair which you can shape into different things? Well, this woman has some fabulous hair and she is getting creative with it as well. She loves forming new shapes with her hair and some of the things she does is phenomenal.

#1 Why invest in a DSLR when you have fabulous hair which you can turn into a camera


#2 Rubber duckies are amazing and even better when its your own hair


#3 Looking for a pet bird which perches on your hands, well, look no further


#4 And if it’s raining outside and you have forgotten your umbrella then your hair might just help you out


#5 Crazy and cute bags are always amazing to have so why not fashion one out of your hair


#6 Are you creative enough to direct your own movie but you don’t have the money to buy a video camera? Worry not, your hair can be one too


#7 Having great hair can really help cope with a broken heart. And this lady knows exactly how to do that


#8 Do you know what headache looks like, literally? Well, this woman knows and she is ready to show


#9 When you are happy and you know it make a snowman!


#10 And if you want Christmas to come early, if you want Santa to be your personal Santa, then do what this woman does…create it!


#11 Aww! Adorable monkey made out of hair looks outright brilliant


#12 This may be fashion the world is not yet ready for…a palm on the head


#13 And on one of those days where you feel like unleashing your inner Tiger, just go for it


#14 Or take a dive in the pool with a fish made of hair


#15 And finally, reach the heights and explore the new world with your new hair



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