The Sad Reality Of Today In 15 Strong Images

The world today has grown highly connected virtually but is disconnected when it comes to people. We all feel the need to look better, appear smarter, and to show our lives in a much better way than it actually is. The sad part of this reality is that we pretend to be something we are not and in doing so we lose our own individuality. We are supposed to dress to express and not impress but we do the opposite. We are supposed to live a good life but we just like to show that we are. These 15 strong images by various artists bring out this sad reality in a very strong manner.

#1 Even the kids today are more attracted towards the virtual life more than the real play things


#2 We go through our days like going through a revolving door


#3 In a hurry to grow up we do not even let the kids enjoy their childhood as we impose our dreams on them


#4 More often than not, we fail just because we gave up at the moment we should have kept going


#5 We are slowly damaging the Earth to a point from where we won’t be able to return


#6 Our mobiles are filled with noises which are driving us mad


#7 We feel stuck in a dead virtual world going between a few applications to seek validity


#8 We are bombarded with marketing gimmicks


#9 We find that less talented people occupy more important positions than the people who actually are skilled and knowledgeable


#10 We put on masks for the world and we try to be something we are definitely not


#11 We are living in cities and fighting for food


#12 Our relationships are breaking because we do not pay attention to the real people who actually love us and want to be with us


#13 Our personal opinions are drowned out by ‘what people say’ even when they are wrong


#14 We wake up everyday feeling low on energy


#15 We judge others when we don’t understand that they have their own individuality


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