5 Things Which Women Hate In A Man

There are certain things which women hate when it comes to dating. There are certain things which put-off women and they do not appreciate this in a man. Some of these are qualities while some has to do with the physical side of things. Men need to be careful about these things and making slight changes could really help create a wonderful relationship between them.

#1 Rude personality


It is never alright to be rude. Being a polite person says more about you than venting in rage. Being calm, cool, and collected is a quality which women appreciate much more than being crude, blunt, and rude. Respecting others would go a long way in establishing yourself as a person who has substance.

#2 Body odour


On the physical side of things, body odour turns off women like anything. This is a non-brainer as anyone would hate being with someone who smells bad. A simple change in lifestyle like drinking more water, using the right deodorant , maintaining personal hygiene could really uplift your personality.

#3 Blatant sexism

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No woman could appreciate sexism be it overt or covert. Even the smallest things like a joke could have deep sexist roots and a woman would not like being patronised or made fun of. It is important to understand that by using sexist jokes, words, stories etc. men usually put off a woman because they show they are incapable of respecting them. Why, then, would a woman like to be with this man?

#4 Inattentive towards them

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When you are looking to date someone you would expect them to be attentive towards you, right? But a lot of men like the idea of dating but are only physically present. They like talking but they hardly listen to what the woman has to say. Being inattentive towards women is a strict no-no as why would they date you if you can’t even pay attention to them?

#5 Self-involved

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There are a lot of men who love themselves so much and are so full of themselves that they think the world revolves around them. Everything is about them somehow. They would always talk about their lives and their dreams and ignore what the woman has to say. This is a quality women do not appreciate at all and they hate seeing this in someone they are dating or hoping to have a future with.

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