5 Big Mistakes We All Make On The First Date

First dates can be as scary as they can be amazing. Going out with someone you don’t know for the first time could be a difficult situation and there are quite a few things one needs to be careful of in such conditions. While a lot of people would tell you about the amazing time they had very few people would reveal the mistakes they made. So, here we bring out the 5 big mistakes which most people make on their first dates.

#1 Talking more than listening


When you go on a date, it is very important that you pay attention to what the other person has to say and not just wait for the opportunity to speak yourself. Communication is the key. Talking effectively with people is very important and so, instead of getting too talkative, be composed and listen. Do not make the mistake of appearing a loud-mouth.

#2 Dressing poorly

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Believe it or not, a good dress could really make a great first impression and play a great role in expressing who you are. Under-dressing or over-dressing for the occasion is bad as well. The idea is to be comfortable and relaxed and yet look smart. Taking a close look at your wardrobe may be a good idea before you head out.

#3 Being late

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This is a strict no-no and most people make this mistake. It is a date and you do not want your partner to assume that you are tardy. Being on time, on the other hand, shows that the date is important to you and it gives an impression of a responsible person when you show up on time.

#4 Being rude

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Be very careful about your behaviour on the first date. Since your partner would be observing everything you say or do, it is important that you maintain your calm and be polite. Being rude to the waiter, being occupied on your phone etc. could really have a bad impression on your partner and this may put them off.

#5 Assuming things

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This is another mistake that a lot of people do on the first date. They simply assume things about the other person and stick with their assumptions. A person, for example, may have a serious face but a sweet personality. If you simply assume they are serious it would not let you see their true identity. Avoid forming assumptions and try going with the flow. And you may sail through the date as if you were born for it.

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