The 3 Most Important Questions You Should Ask On A Date

Dating can be difficult. You are meeting someone you don’t know so well and both of you are unsure about each other’s personality. The situation can be tricky because on the one hand you want the date to go smoothly but on the other you also want to ask some questions which defines your date. The following 3 questions will help you understand a lot about your date without ruining it.

#1 Who is the one person who matters the most to you?

Who’s the most important person in your life?

This is a very good question to ask and it gives a lot of insight into your date’s preferences. It is also a personal question which you can ask without being too intrusive. Your date’s reply can tell you a lot about them.

Who matters the most?

If they mention a family member then you can understand that they are very close to their family. If they mention a friend then you know that friends hold an important position in their life. Asking this can reveal if your thoughts align with them or not.

#2 What upsets you the most?

What makes you tick off?

Knowing what upsets a person says a lot about them. Asking this question can reveal if they have deep personalities or shallow. For example, if your date gets upset at the most trivial things then they may not be worth your time. But if they are moved by meaningful things then you know they have substance and you can have a meaningful conversation with them.

#3 If they had one wish, what would they ask for?

What would you ask for?

This is a very open ended question and this will reveal what your date truly desires, at least approximately. Their answer would tell you if they are materialistic or are they looking for higher things. Their answers could vary a lot and it would depend on your judgement to see if that answer suits you. Either way, you’ll get to understand really different things about your date without sounding too pushy. Try them!

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