How To Approach Your Crush In 3-Easy Steps

Approaching your crush could be the most difficult thing to do and not all of us are smooth or confident enough to just approach them. It could take all of your will power just to muster the courage to go up to them and you may yet fail miserably. But don’t worry, take it one step at a time and you may just be able to pull it off.

#1 Step 1: Plan Alternate Conversation Topics

Plan a few topics to talk about

If you are not the type of person who can start a conversation at the drop of a hat then the best way forward is to have a couple of alternate topics prepared in your mind. It is even better if you have opposite topics prepared.

Switch topics if you feel like it

For example, if you planned talking about trekking but your crush is more indoorsy, you can switch to talking about books or music. It will also give you the confidence to switch conversations when you want to.

#2 Step 2: Build Your Courage

Build up courage but don’t be arrogant

This is easier said than done and it takes almost all of our will power to muster the courage. But the fact is that this is also the most important step. Always remember, they are also people like you. If you are scared of them then you would never go forward with them. It is always better to try than regret not even initiating a conversation. Remember, it’s all about your attitude.

#3 Step 3: Go Speak With Confidence And Respect

Talk respectfully

This step can make or break a lot of things for you. Quite often, the most confident people end up looking arrogant and smooth people end up looking cocky because they are disrespectful. Even if your crush turns you down, never disrespect them as it is their right. Going in with good intentions and moving out with your head held high is the only good way. So, go ahead and try it…you may just surprise yourself pleasantly.

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