The Top 3 Mistakes We All Make In Love

The feeling of falling in love is one of the most incredible feeling ever. It is one of those emotions that brings out the very best of our human heart. It is the feeling that makes you truly honest and sincere and you can’t help but think what you would do without the person you love. And since love is such a strong emotion we usually forget to think logically and quite often make some mistakes which we wouldn’t have otherwise. And it’s not just you who makes these mistakes but almost all of us are guilty of the following 3 errors.

#1 All good and no bad

Whenever we fall for someone, we tend to emphasise on their good side. We don’t even feel like looking into the dark sides of their personality. The feeling of love becomes so strong that even the thought that our partner could have negative traits scares us. So, when they do show some negative qualities (we all have negative qualities) we feel upset and start thinking about our choices. This mistake could be avoided if we look at the person from both sides and then accept them for who they are.

#2 Expecting too much from them

This is another mistake which we all commit. We feel so strongly about the people we fall in love with that we think they are superheroes. We expect them to be perfect and everything we think we love. It is obvious that no one is perfect and everyone has their shortcomings. So, when they do not stand up to our unreasonable expectations, we get upset and start feeling negative towards them.

#3 Losing ourselves in the relationship

This is the mistake that almost all of us make, especially in the beginning of the relationship. We tend to devote so much time and effort into the relationship that we almost lose our own individuality. While working on common interests is an amazing thing, one should not lose their own sense of worth in a relationship. The best relationships have often shown that they grow only when both the partners work well individually as well as together.

Keep these three things in mind and your relationship would be stronger, happier and based on mutual trust and respect.

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