The First Animal You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Our minds are so complex that sometimes it even tricks us. But it is also so well-trained that we often look at things based on the kind of people we ourselves are. For example, if we like sweets then our minds would automatically get attracted towards a picture of a cake. This happens so easily that we don’t even notice it. Another amazing aspect of this behaviour is that we can also learn a lot about ourselves by understanding what we see first. Look at the picture below, the animal you see first would reveal the kind of personality you have.

What did you see first? A duck or a rabbit?

#1 Duck

If you saw the duck first then you have a personality which is calm on the outside but crazy on the inside. A duck always looks calm while floating on water but you cannot see that it is peddling with its feet beneath the surface. This is how your personality is.

You are the kind of person who would never reveal what’s going in your mind and people will always think you are calm and collected. But the truth is you are always thinking fast. Your mind is always alert and working sharply. You are the kind of person who believes in talking less and doing more.

#2 Rabbit

If the rabbit is the first animal you saw then your personality matches the swift and crazy personality of a rabbit. Do not go by the rabbit’s appearance, it is one of the smartest animals and is one of the quickest on its feet. People tend to underestimate a rabbit’s ability just like they tend to underestimate you but there’s much more than meets the eye.

Your personality, therefore, is extremely sharp and smart. You can think on your feet and adapt yourself to any situation. You are quick to realise if there’s trouble and you know how to protect yourself. You are the kind of person who people do not understand completely but are amazed when they get to know you. You are cute on the outside but a kick-ass survivor from within.


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