5 Signs That Your Partner Is Manipulative

Manipulating others comes easily for some people. They are so smooth in their acts that you would not even know how they are manipulating you. It happens with everyone be it in a relationship or simple friendship. One always finds these kind of people trying to influence you in one way or another. And since they are so good at it, it becomes difficult to identify them. So, what are the signs that can help identify a manipulative person? Well, look out for these 5 traits.

#1 They always need to know where you are

Does your partner always need to know where you are, with whom you are, or what you are doing? Does your partner get angry when you do not tell them about every little detail of your life? Does your partner judge you based on your friends or the things you do? Well, then your partner may be manipulative. Manipulative people need to control others all the time. This is why they get upset when you do not reveal everything about yourself. It takes away their control from you. Watch out for this red flag.

#2 They keep correcting you all the time

Since a manipulative person always wants to be in control, they will keep finding things about you and keep trying to correct it. It is important to correct your partner when they are wrong but a manipulative partner would do it all the time, in front of others, and also make you feel ashamed. They will act like they are doing you a favour but in reality, they are trying to control your behaviour.

#3 They like proving how YOU are wrong

Correcting you is one thing but even more annoying is the fact that they would never miss a chance of proving you wrong. They love saying ‘I-told-you-so’. It is their way of showing that they are superior to you and that they know better about you than you yourself. Do not fall for this trick.

#4 They do not give others space

A manipulative person will keep intruding in your space. They would get upset if you want to spend time alone or if you wish to hang out with your other friends. Their controlling nature is so strong that cannot accept that you may have a life without them too. So, if your partner keeps getting upset at the slightest things which you want to do as an individual then you may need to look at your relationship again.

#5 They will almost always blame you

This is the strongest sign that your partner is manipulative. Usually, in a relationship, both partners are wrong about different things and both make mistakes but a manipulative person would never be ready to accept them. If your partner blames you for the smallest errors and never accepts that they may be wrong too, then you may need to understand that they might be manipulating you into guilt.

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