5 Life Lessons A Broken Heart Teaches You

A broken heart can be a curse or a boon depending on what lessons you take from it. It can totally crush your spirit if you feel that it is the end of the world but you can also become extremely strong if you take it in your stride. We have all had our hearts broken by someone at one point or another but only we have the power to decide how it changes our personality. Either way, if someone breaks your heart, you get to learn 5 extremely valuable life lessons.

#1 Trust carefully

When in love, we tend to trust the other person blindly. We don’t even feel like seeing their negative side. We feel so trusting that we tend to believe everything they say and do. We even ignore visible signs of neglect in order to hang on to love. The thing which you should learn is that you should trust people carefully. Look at both their positive and negative sides and then fall in love. It will help you and your relationship.

#2 Understand yourself

The worst thing we do is that we do not spend time in trying to understand ourselves before falling for someone else. We don’t even know what we want from the relationship before falling in one. No wonder, when things go bad, we tend to blame ourselves a lot. Find out who you are and what you want. This will help you see a relationship more clearly.

#3 Do not give anyone the power to change you

Usually, in a relationship, we tend to trust the other person so much that we give them control over our happiness. We believe them so much that they become our entire lives. So, when they do something which breaks our heart, it becomes impossible for us to bear the pain. Strong relationships, however, have people who are in control of their own happiness and come together for common happiness.

#4 Do not lose yourself in a relationship

This is the worst thing people do in a relationship. In order to become ‘we’ they completely ignore the ‘me’. It is important that you do not lose your own identity in a relationship and the best relationships are one where both the partners are individuals as well. Have your own opinion and trust yourself along with your partner, otherwise the heartbreaks burn like fire.

#5 It’s not the end of the world

Never forget that you had a life without the person who broke your heart and you will have a life after them as well. Thinking that your life is over or that you will never find love again is a mistake. Learn from your heartbreak but never stop believing in love.

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