5 Reasons Why Smart Women Stay Single Longer

Believe it or not, smarter women do remain single for a longer period of time. This is not to say that they are lonely or that they are unattractive but they remain single by choice. Society may say a lot of things about them, some may even say that they are arrogant but they are smart and they know exactly what they are doing. So, what is it that makes smart women postpone relationships? Why do they take so much time? Well, there are 5 reasons behind their being single for longer.

#1 They spend time understanding themselves

A smart woman spends a lot of time understanding herself. She would like to know her own strengths and her weaknesses. Before you try to understand someone else it is extremely important that you understand yourself and that is exactly what smart women do. They make sure they know their own souls before trying to understand someone else.

#2 They have dreams and goals that they need to accomplish

A smart woman knows the value of being independent. She understands how important it is to be her own person. She knows the value of her own dreams and aspirations. She, therefore, takes her time to fulfil her dreams before she can be in a relationship. It lets her be more independent in the relationship as well, creating a perfect balance.

#3 Many men are intimidated by smart women

It’s true. Not every man is capable of being with a strong woman. Not every man feels secure in a relationship where the woman is equally smart or smarter. Obviously, there are men who totally appreciate strong women but they are fewer in number. No wonder, smart women do find it difficult finding men who are secure in themselves.

#4 They do not fall for pressure

If there’s one thing smart women do not fall for it’s pressure. You cannot put pressure on a smart woman to be in a relationship. She would not be in a relationship just because all her friends are in one. A smart woman knows what’s right for her and she would make her choice accordingly.

#5 They know how important a right partner is

It is always better not to be in a relationship than being in a bad relationship. A smart woman understands this very well. She takes her time before she makes a choice so that the relationship she has is supportive and productive than toxic.

Needless to say, when smart women do get into a relationship it is based on respect, trust, and dignity which makes the relationship so much better than anything else.

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