5 Emotions Which A Broken Heart Feels Most Deeply

Have you had your heart broken? It hurts, right? The feeling that you are not wanted or that you have been betrayed by someone you trusted can get to you. It is this feeling that stays with you for a long time and your heart feels crushed everyday. A broken heart, as you know, feels emotions deeply and it hurts too but slowly your heart heals. But during the period it heals, there are 5 emotions it responds to most critically.

#1 Betrayal or cheating

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When you get your heart broken, your personality puts up a guard. Your senses become sharper and you know when someone is saying the truth or they are trying to cheat you. Your heart becomes alive to negative vibes and a broken heart will always tell you, truthfully, if you should trust the other person or not.

#2 Kindness

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A broken heart becomes alert to kindness. You can remember that when your heart was broken you became kinder to others and you became more generous. This is because a broken heart does not want others to feel the same pain. It does not want others to get hurt in the same way as you did. Kindness becomes a part of your personality when your heart gets broken.

#3 Lack of trustScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 9.10.51 PM

It is obvious that when your heart is broken, it is not easy for you to trust people again so soon. You become alert to people who may have different motives. You do not trust others easily because your heart puts up a shield. This lack of trust is an emotion which your heart uses to protect itself until it has healed.

#4 EmpathyScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 9.11.34 PM

A broken heart is a great teacher. It teaches you to see things from other people’s point of view. You start understanding what others are going through. Your heart develops a stronger sense of empathy and it allows you to feel other people’s pain just like you feel yours.

#5 Pain

Never Expect To Get What You Give. Not Everyone Has A Heart Like Yours.

It goes without saying that a broken heart feels pain the most. It feels it deeply and profoundly. It is the feeling that, sometimes, drives people towards depression. The feeling of hurt, betrayal, loneliness, and sadness drives your heart mad. But the truth is that it is an emotion which also helps you heal. And when the time comes, your heart becomes stronger and wiser for what it has faced.

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