What Would Happen If Superheroes Grew Old?

We all love comic books and the characters have become a part of our daily lives. But they never seem to age, do they? They have remained the same age since we started reading about them or watching them on the television. Now, they have become Hollywood successes and have become a part of the popular culture. The fact is that it is very difficult to imagine them as old because they are super characters with incredible abilities.


Well, this incredible artist, Lesya Guseva, from Russia reimagined our favourite characters and they look simply incredible in their old age. But that’s not all. She has also reimagined some of our other favourite characters like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider or Cinderella who we definitely hadn’t imagined being old. That being said, it can only be believed when seen and do follow the artist on Instagram if you like her work.

#1 Catwoman with her cat

#2 Jessica Rabbit Singing

#3 Wolverine would probably in the woods roasting marshmallows with kids

#4 Flash would still have the superpowers of the super-speed but he would be troubling the nurses in the hospital

#5 Thor may use his hammer, Mjonir, for delicate hobbies like making small bird-houses for children

#6 Hulk would always be hulk, angry and green, ready to smash 

#7 Our beloved Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse would get old too but they would still be in love

#8 Well, the genie may not grow old and neither would Dr. Strange but it would be funny if they did

#9 Ooo…We all know Lara Croft to be fiery and brilliant but she could be playing rummy with a mummy

#10 And Supergirl may just partner up with Wonder Woman and sit for chit-chat

#11 Spiderman would end up weaving sweaters may be 

#12 Deadpool would still be trolling other characters including Ironman

#13 Captain America would always be chivalrous like the gentleman he is

#14 Cinderella may just go to a farm for retirement

#15 And finally, Aquaman would still need a lot of water to shower

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