5 Signs That You Are Smarter Than Average People

Being smart does not mean that you know a lot of facts or you are good at academics. It does not mean that you always stood first in your class or that you are always right. There are different kinds of smart like street-smart, book-smart, music-smart etc. which define the kind of smart you are. Not everyone is smart in the same way but there are certain qualities which almost all smart people have. It is these qualities and not your academic skills which make you smart. So, what are these 5 qualities?

#1 The ability to remain calm

Smart people know that not everything is under their control. Smart people do not spend their time worrying about things that do not matter. When they face a difficult situation, smart people do not panic. They remain calm and try to find a solution. If you are someone who remains calm and looks for a solution then you are smarter than most people around you.

#2 The ability to think for themselves

Smart people know when they are being lied to. They understand the difference between sincerity and lies. This is what makes them so different. Deceiving them is not easy. They are capable of thinking for themselves. They do not need someone to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. It is their thinking capacity which makes them smart.

#3 The ability to motivate others

Smart people know that they can only succeed when they grow with others. They do not rise alone, they take others along with them. They are smart because they motivate others to succeed and they get their support in return. It is their ability to take people and build a team that makes them successful in life.

#4 The ability to control their emotions

Smart people not only understand their own emotions but the emotions of others as well. They know how to keep their temper in check and how to act in the company of other people. They do not react easily and they wait for the right time to speak. This control over their emotions gives them an advantage over others. While others react, smart people look for solutions.

#5 The ability to adapt

This is the most important trait which defines a smart person. A smart person thinks, understands, and then adapts to a given situation. It does not matter what happens, a smart person is ready for a change and immediately adapts to suit the situation. This gives them an advantage as they can think better and react better when compared to those who cannot adjust to a new situation.

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