5 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The Wrong Person

We have all been in a situation where we thought we have finally found the love of our lives. We fall hopelessly in love with that person and give them everything we have. We sacrifice a lot for this person and we even change our lives to make sure they are comfortable. But then, it all turns into a nightmare. That person changes into someone else and we realise that it wasn’t the same person we were in love with. They move away selfishly, leaving us with nothing but a broken heart and tears. Some of us get lucky and do not fall in this trap but a lot of us fall for these people again and again.

Why do some of us keep falling for the wrong person? What is it about them that we cannot resist? What is it about us that we listen to our hearts and forget what happened in the past? Well, there are 5 broad reasons why we keep falling for the wrong person.

#1 These people are smart and they are good at manipulating

We often fall for people who are smooth talkers. They know exactly the right things to say and at the right time. They know how to play with emotions and they do not care if we get hurt or not. They are so good at manipulating that they may even blame us for hurting them even though they manipulated us. It’s not our fault that we fall for them, they manipulate our emotions to make us fall.

#2 We listen to our hearts sincerely

Most of us are genuinely good at heart. We do not wish ill for others and we like living in a world where people are nice, polite, and honest. We like to believe that we know people and people are good. So, when we meet someone really nice and polite, we stop thinking with our minds and believe in our hearts that the person is not lying.

#3 Sometimes, we feel lonely and they seem perfect

Sometimes, we all feel lonely. It is at this time we meet someone who seems perfect to us. While it may seem harsh, but we fool ourselves into thinking that we love them when we are only trying to escape our loneliness. Their perfection makes us feel wanted. But soon, we realise that it was all a lie and the perfect person we imagined was someone else. We made a mistake and now it hurts.

#4 We trust others easily

A lot of us believe that we would be treated in the same way as we treat others. We think being honest with someone would make them honest with us. We trust them because we are honest. But the fact is that not everyone is worth our trust. Our trusting nature makes us gullible and we end up getting hurt through no fault of our own.

#5 We do not think about the bad things as we are not interested in bad things

When we meet someone new and interesting, we do not focus on their negative side. We do not want to think about the bad things. We lie to ourselves and we fool ourselves. But when reality strikes, we realise that we have made the mistake again and have fallen for the wrong person.

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