This Is What True Love Looks Like As Illustrated By This Artist

We have all been in love, haven’t we? But this artist has found unique ways of depicting love. And his illustrations are just a sight to behold. Gabriel Picolo has already set Instagram on fire with his art and do follow him on @_picoloΒ 

#1 The sweet kiss of love

#2 Lying with the one you love

#3 Holding each other close

#4 Dancing together

#5 Love can be difficult

#6 It’s beauty on the inside which matters

#7 Random KissesΒ 

#8 Under the stars

#9 The pain which comes with love

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Getting back together #icarusandthesun

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#10 Love, no matter what

#11 Spending time together

#12 Loving, all the time

#13 Walking into his heart

#14 Facing your fears

#15 Always thinking of her


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