12 Reasons Why Moms Are No Less Than Superheroes

Moms are so special. If it wasn’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t exist in the first place. Moms play the emotional backbone of our families, and sacrifices their own pleasures to make our lives better.

Below are 12 reasons why moms are no less than superheroes:

1. Moms can do anything to protect their children

2. Moms are the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet

3. Moms have the strongest survival skills

4. Moms have a cynical sense of humour

5. Moms are epitome of love

6. Moms don’t care about self image

7. Let’s admit it. Being a mom is painful business

8. Moms do insane amount of work

9. We can’t thank mom’s enough

10. Moms make the world beautiful

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11. Moms make the world safer

12. When the whole world turns against us, we can always count on our moms

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