7 Qualities Which Only A Best Friend Has

What makes a friend a best friend? Well, if they have these 7 qualities then they are your best friend.

You may have a lot of friends but not every one of them is special. The person you call your best friend has something special about them. There are some qualities which only they have. This is what separates them from everyone else. And what are those qualities? Well, if your friend has these 7 qualities then rest assured, they are truly your best friend.

#1 They make you smile

While you may laugh at different things, only the best friend can make you smile all the time. It doesn’t matter if you are sad or depressed, they would say something or do something that would definitely put a smile on your face and make you feel warm again. Does your friend do that?

#2 They know the right things to say

Your best friend is the only person who knows exactly how to talk to you. They know what you are feeling and what will make you smile. No matter what the situation, they would know exactly what you want to hear and they will say it. It’s like they can understand you better than you understand yourself.

#3 They are as weird as you

Only a best friend can be as weird as you are. They may like the same jokes, they may like the same things and they may even hate the same things as you do. You two may not be exactly the same but when it comes to important things in life, you and your best friend tend to think alike.

#4 They can almost read your mind

Have you ever been sad and your friend knows it? Has it happened that you want to do something crazy and your friend can tell by the look on your face? Well, best friends are not exactly mind-readers but you are so much in sync with them that it’s like they can almost read your thoughts. Trust us, not friend can do that.

#5 You have the craziest memories with them

If you think back about the craziest memories in your life, chances are that your best friend was definitely there. We tend to be ourselves when we are with our best friends. And that is when we do the craziest things as we feel free in their company. Their presence in your important memories shows that they are very close to you indeed.

#6 They are the only ones you want in your life

At the end of the day, if you are asked who do you want in your life apart from your family, the name of your best friend would be the first one. Go ahead, ask yourself this question. If the person’s name comes first, then they are definitely your best friend.

#7 They accept you totally and completely

Last but most importantly, a best friend is the one person who would accept you completely and exactly as you are. It does not matter how imperfect you are, for a best friend, you would always be amazing. This is what makes them so different, they accept you when no one else would.

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